Our kids know how to ask for their immediate needs and wants, but they don't always know how to ask for their deepest felt needs... ones that we know how to fulfill but don't always realize are needed. #kidsandparenting #parenting #parentingtips

What Your Kids Really Need But You Might Not Realize

How to Get Kids to Listen | Looking for simple parenting tips to get your kids to listen the first time without yelling and nagging? Whether you’re the mom of toddlers who needs practical tips to use at home, or a teacher who needs effective strategies that work at school in a classroom setting, we’ve got 7 tips and listening activities for kids. #parenting #parenting101 #parentingtips #listeningactivities #learningthroughplay #kidsactivities

How to Get Kids to Listen: 7 Tips & Listening Activities for Kids

PERFECT list of Age Appropriate Chores for kids 3-14 developed by a child therapist & teacher. These Age appropriate chores for young children & older children (tweens & teens, too) is great because it gives the age for the chores for kids. Chores teach kids to help. They learn why chore(s) contributes to the family & become #HardWorkers. It teaches them great CHARACTER & life skills that help them become responsible adults. The chore system is genius, too (no charts!)

Chores By Age 3-14

How to Discipline a Child without Yelling | Whether you’re a mom parenting toddlers or kids in their tweens and teens, we’re sharing 14 simple yet effective tips to teach you how to get kids to listen the first time without yelling. These simple ideas are designed to help parents encourage positive behavior at home and at school but can also be used by teachers in the classroom! #positivediscipline #positiveparenting #positiveparenting

How to Discipline a Child Without Yelling: 14 Positive Parenting Tips

Good mental health is the foundation for a successful future and healthy relationships. The environment you provide for your child each day holds many opportunities for nourishing good mental health in childhood and beyond. Childhood mental health awareness #mentalhealth #childhoodmentalhealth #childrensmentalhealth #emotionalwell-being #mentalhealthmatters #parenting #parentswithconfidence

100 Everyday Ways To Strengthen Your Child's Mental Health

17 of the Best Tips for Becoming a Calm Mom | Are you tired of yelling at your kids and living in the land of mom guilt? You NEED to check out these amazing, actionable tips to help you become a calmer mom and really enjoy your motherhood. Plus, you'll get access to 12 FREE printable affirmation cards for moms! #momtips #motherhood

How to Be a Calm Mom Instead of a Raging One + Free Affirmation Cards

6 Simple Positive Parenting Ideas and Tips For Toddler Parents. What to do every day to nurture a positive relationship with your child built on respect and healthy communication - from actively listening to your toddler to using natural consequences and other positive discipline strategies. Click through for more details! #positiveparenting #parenting #toddlerparentingtips #toddlertips #toddlerlife #loveandlogic

How To Be A Positive Parent

In a day where bullying is such an issue it's so important to teach our kids kindness and respect. This post is full of positive parenting tips to teach your child to be respectful to their family, peers, and others in their life. Lessons that will grow w

8 Positive Ways to Teach Respect to Your Kids

Use these 5 Simple Tips for Taming Tantrums to deescalate meltdowns and preserve your sanity. Post includes a list of positive language alternatives to calm the situation. How to stop toddler tantrums. Tamer young living in older children. Tips for calming preschool tantrums. Positive language alternatives for toddlers. Growth mindset positive language for kids. Positive language quotes for kids. #toddlertantrums #positivelanguage #preschooltantrums #growthmindset #positiveparenting

5 Simple Tips for Taming Tantrums

As parents, the way we speak to our children is incredibly important. Words can build kids up, and they can just as easily tear them down. Check out our list of 55 positive things to say to your child on a daily basis. Bond while you build their confidence. #beenke #parenting #ParentingQuotes

Holding Arrows

These seven ways to connect with your kids can be super easy and fun! Choose one that comes naturally or pick one that's a stretch. You'll have an easy time connecting with your kids and make some great memories. Choose experiences over stuff!! #parentingboys

Seven ways to connect with your kids - Fuzzymama

Parenting Advice On Positive Discipline I love this article on raising kids and parenting! If you have a toddler that doesn't listen to these parenting tips are for you. Great parenting hacks to eliminate negative words and get some parenting advice and help. #RaisingKids #ParentingAdvice Say YES instead of NO!

Positive Parenting Phrases That Are Alternatives To No

Ways to build meaningful relationships with kids and young adults, including activities, questions, and strategies that educators and parents can incorporate in what they do. #relationships #sel #socialemotionallearning #pathway2success

10 Ways to Build Relationships with Kids

Do your kids have low self esteem? These 13 simple parenting tips can help your child gain the confidence they need to take on life with their heads held high. Self respect and confidence grows through a nurturing relationship and flourishes when parents show up for their kids when they need it most. Enjoy these 13 tips on raising confident kids. #ParentingTips #ParentingAdvice #SelfEsteem #RaisingKids

Raising Kids With High Self Esteem Parenting Tip